Dr. Patricia Kiser, D.C.

CEO University Chiropractic

Dr. Patricia Kiser-Cohen grew up in San Mateo California and attended Aragon High School. She found her passion for learning about the human body and helping others. After high school she decided to go to USC to get her Physical Therapy degree. 
     Life had other plans…..during the time she was doing her undergraduate work and prerequisites for USC/ PT school Dr. Kiser got a job at a well-known chiropractic office in 1989 (Athen’s Chiropractic) where she had the opportunity to learn from a great mentor and see many professional athletes. During this time, Dr. Kiser realized how powerful chiropractic care is as in achieving optimal health and potential. Once she discovered Chiropractic  Care as an Art, Science, and Philosophy she never looked back. Dr. Kiser graduated from Chiropractic college in 1994 and started Kiser Chiropractic in 1997 in San Carlos, California. She sold this practice after her youngest son was born and decided to take time off to be with her young boys Nathaniel and Ben. During this time Dr. Kiser started a consulting firm Innate Power Practice to teach other chiropractors and students the best standards and methods of care which allowed her to be so successful in practice. 
      In 2005,  Dr. Kiser had an opportunity to purchase the oldest practice existing in Palo Alto California ( over 60 years old started in an old house)  and has been owning, operating and practicing chiropractic in downtown Palo Alto ever since. One phrase Dr. Kiser tells all patients after witnessing her highly attuned healing hands, ” Pressure is off, Power is On!”. Anyone who has ever witnessed Dr. Kiser’s healing hands will attest. She knows where to find it and she knows where to fix it!!   This Chiropractor knows exactly what she is doing and expects miracles!!!

Dr. Demetria Casady D.C

Clinic Director

Dr. Demetria Casady was born and raised in Redding, California. She completed her undergraduate studies at Shasta College and then proceeded to Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose where she graduated with honors in 2001.

She then spent several years studying under Dr. Kiser before relocating to Southern California. From there she ran a successful chiropractic office for 16 years before relocating back to the Bay Area to be closer to family. She has a passion to help her patients reach their full health potential.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her 3 children, running, biking, competing in triathlons, kayaking, and hiking.

Our Mission

It is the mission of University Chiropractic to inspire, teach and serve as many people as possible with the highest quality of chiropractic care available. We believe everyone deserves success, in every area of life including but not limited to health, well- being and genuine happiness. We always do our best to help reduce suffering and at the same time empower everyone around us to do their best. We fearlessly communicate instead of making assumptions. We live our lives with an attitude of gratitude. Every day in every way we create a powerfully contagious atmosphere of love, peace, joy, happiness and healing!

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