It’s the age of technology, meaning “tech neck” treatment and prevention are more important than ever. Tech neck, text neck, they’re just simpler phrases for real possible problems that could affect you down the road. For tech neck treatment and prevention, we at University Chiro in Palo Alto are here to help!

A lot of today’s jobs require using some form of technology, and with technology comes sitting for long periods of time. As well as holding your neck in an unnatural position to use that technology during a good amount of the day.

From computers, to cell phones, tablets and many others. Using technology is just part of the majority of people’s day. But what does using technology for long periods of time inflict on the human body over time? More than many realize. Learn more about tech neck and treatment in Palo Alto.

What is Tech Neck?

Do you feel pain and stiffness in your neck? Are you also a frequent user of technology devices? Then it’s possible that the pain you’re experiencing could be from tech neck.

Tech neck pain shows when one is overusing tablets, smartphones and other handheld technological devices. Constantly looking down at a screen can cause poor posture and other harm to the body.

When it comes to treating tech neck, there’s a couple approaches that could provide pain relief, such as:

  • Increasing neck strength and flexibility. Ans stretching and exercises can accomplish this.
  • Improving postural habits
  • Getting regular adjustments at a trusted chiropractor in Palo Alto

Exercises and Stretches to Reduce Neck Pain

Tech neck is directly linked to having a forward head posture. This can cause muscle imbalances to develop over time, such as:

  • Elongation of the deep cervical flexor muscles (front of the neck)
  • Shortening of the muscles at the back of the neck
  • Elongation of upper back muscles
  • Shortening of the chest muscles

Practicing the correct exercises could possibly help to alleviate pain caused by these. You may also reduce your forward posture.

However, it’s good news that when you have muscle imbalances, they are reversible. Also, with consistency, restoring a naturally-aligned postural position is achievable.

Exercise Treatment for Tech Neck 

Chiropractic Adjustments: A chiropractic neck adjustment, also known as cervical manipulation, is done to loosen up the joins in the vertebrae of the neck. With the purpose of reducing pain that could be caused by: pinched nerves, muscle spasms, strains, or other factors.

Majority of neck pain is associated with poor posture. Hence tech neck started from the influx of technology use. Along with things like wear and tear from physical activities, or just age-related. These are all factors that cause the vertebrae of the neck to fall out of alignment.

If you’re looking for an adjustment, chiropractors in Palo Alto perform them by using their hands to manipulate the neck and correctly place the vertebrae back into proper alignment. Trying to help adjust the effects of tech neck and other factors.

Along with a chiropractic treatment plan, doing stretches and exercises at home can help keep your neck pain at a reduced level. 

Physical Therapy: Physical therapists are able to create a plan specific to your body and it’s needs. Teaching you specific strengthening and stretching techniques to help alleviate your tech neck pain.

These exercises may also help to correct your posture. Though they’re done at a clinic, after time you could probably continue their program at home. Having a therapist first ensures you learn the safe and correct way to perform the exercises.

Home exercises: Although we do recommend doing exercises with a profession, there are definitely some you can safely do at home. In return you can improve your neck flexibility and strength. In addition, you’ll reduce your forward head posture from tech neck. 

However, to see effect results, you have to do these exercises regularly. Especially when working in an office, or home setting.

Adjustments to Prevent Tech Neck Pain

There are also adjustments you can make to your life to treat text neck. In addition to stretching and strengthening your posture, these can help reduce pain.

  • Raise the phone. Keep your phone or device at eye level. Therefore, preventing your head from tilting forward.
  • Take breaks. Getting away from your phone or device is crucial. And you may find an alarm to be helpful. Furthermore, setting reminders to take breaks will give you adequate rest.
  • Stand up straight. Good posture applies when standing and sitting. Keep your chin tucked in and shoulders back. Therefore, keeping your body aligned in a neutral position.
  • Stretch and arch. When you arch your back and neck, you can relieve muscle pain.
  • Exercise. Studies suggest that the stronger and more flexible your back is, the better it can handle stress. Therefore, you should be exercising regularly to keep your back muscles strengthened. Low endurance sports are proven to lead to less muscle and neck pain.

Keeping your neck and body active is best for your spine. And spending too much time hunched over is harmful to the spine and posture. Schedule regular breaks in your day. 

Additionally, schedule specific times that you use your devices. Rather than checking them all through the day. Therefore, this will give your posture a chance to correct itself.

Exercises like yoga and pilates are great for correcting posture. They also reduce neck and back pain. When exercising, it stretches the body, therefore, increasing posture awareness. Plus, better able to withstand stress. When part of a routine, this will reduce tech neck.

Get Tech Neck Treatment in Palo Alto

Neck pain can leave you uncomfortable and unable to fully participate in the activities you enjoy. At University Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Patricia Kiser can work with you to alleviate stress on your spine, greatly reducing the neck pain that you experience. 

The chiropractor may perform a spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment to help you achieve neck pain relief. 

Located in Palo Alto, University Chiro urges you to please call our office if you have any questions about how our team can provide tech neck treatment in Palo Alto. We can work with you to help you live a healthier, more comfortable life.