Patricia Kiser

Dr. Patricia Kiser, D.C.

CEO and Director of Care at University Chiropractic

Dr. Patricia Kiser-Cohen was born and raised in San Mateo, California attending Aragon High School.

With an innate passion for healing Dr. Kiser became enthralled with the human body and what causes pain, disease, and lack in quality of life. During high school Dr. Kiser became involved in cheerleading, horseback riding, and soccer but suffered from debilitating back pain following the fracturing of her lower back. She began researching holistic ways to treat this pain and was made aware of chiropractic through a personal mentor. The following summer she began interning in a sports-medicine chiropractic clinic treating various professional athletic organizations. This internship solidified her pursuit in becoming a chiropractor. She began studying pre-medicine earning her bachelors of science in human biology from Patten University. Following her graduation from Patten, she enrolled in Chiropractic College gaining her Doctorate in Chiropractic Care in 1994. After gaining clinical experience in chiropractic for three years she started her own practice in 1997.

Dr. Kiser has been noted for her healing abilities with clientele coming from all over the Bay Area. Because of her vast experience in anatomy and physiology she is able to find the pain and provide instant relief allowing you to be at your most optimal level of health.


Patricia Kiser

Trishele Evans

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