What do you think of when you think of a visit to the Chiropractor? Generally, when people think of Chiropractic care, they think of fixing neck or back pain or getting an adjustment. Little do people know that the chiropractor has so many more benefits than that.

Including, but not limited to, boosting your immune system. Chiropractic care acts as preventative medicine, improving your chances of fighting off cold and flu. Now, more than ever, the strength of our immune system is so important! Read to find out How To Boost Your Immune System With Chiropractic Care

What Exactly Is Our Immune System?

Our immune system is a vital part of us staying healthy, as well as our body being able to function to its potential.

The main role of our immune system is to protect and fight against infectious organisms, and prevent them from entering our bodies. As long as your immune system is working properly, you don’t notice that it is there – but as soon as it stops working properly, you will get sick or ill.

Our immune system is made up of proteins, tissues, organs, and cells (white blood cells) and all of these work together to keep us healthy.

Why Is Our Immune System Important?

Our immune system works hard to keep us healthy every day – preventing disease, and infection, and recovering from injury.

Low immunity can cause an array of problems like allergies, asthma, diabetes, colds, flu, and even some forms of cancer. Keeping the immune system healthy is important to prevent disease and fight off any pre-existing conditions.

While our bodies are protected by our immune system, sometimes this system may have issues and not work properly. There are a few causes as to why your immune system may not work properly and these may include:

  • Autoimmune disorders: this type of disorder involves the immune system attacking itself because it sees itself as dangerous
  • Cancer
  • Immunodeficiency disorder
  • Allergic Disorder-this type of disorder involves the immune system giving an overreacting response to a particular allergen

How Can Chiropractic Care Boost Your Immune System?

While it is important to follow a healthy diet with a mix of fruits and vegetables, chiropractic care can aid in boosting immunity.

Chiropractic care improves the function of the nerve system through improving the movement of the spinal bones that encase and protect the spinal cord.

Chiropractic care aides in the overall health of patients and although adjustments of the spine help in relieving the pain of those suffering from back and neck discomfort, these adjustments also aid in our immune system. Our immune system is directly connected to our spine and when it is not aligned, it may throw your entire system off track. Thus, resulting in a non-responsive system.

Chiropractors may use a variety of spinal manipulation to help relieve this compression and in turn may boost your immune system.

People visit chiropractors every day for different reasons.  Lower back pain, headaches, leg pain, and injury are just a few of the reasons given for a trip to the local chiropractor.  Spinal health is imperative in overall health. 

The numerous benefits of chiropractic care can help improve the overall quality of life and increase health, all without the use of drugs or surgery.

Studies on Chiropractic Care and Immune Systems

A Study done by Dr. Ronald Pero shows the positive effect that chiropractic care can have on the immune system and general health.

Dr. Pero measured the immune systems of people under chiropractic care as compared to those in the general population and those with cancer and other serious diseases.  His initial three-year study was of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more. The chiropractic patients were found to have a 200% greater immune competence than those people who had not received chiropractic care, and they had 400% greater immune competence than those people with cancer and other serious diseases.  The immune system superiority of those under chiropractic care did not appear to diminish with age. 

Another study done, revealed the following:

In Davenport, Iowa, 50 medical doctors cared for 4,953 cases with 274 deaths while 150 chiropractors saw 1,635 cases with one death. Outside of Davenport, medical doctors in the state treated 93,590 patients with 6,116 deaths. That’s one death out of every 15 patients. 4,735 patients were seen by chiropractors and only six patients died. That’s one out of every 789.

In the same epidemic, New York health authorities (who kept records of flu as a reportable disease) showed that under chiropractic care, only 25 patients died of influenza out of every 10,000 cases; and only 100 patients died of pneumonia out of every 10,000 cases. 

“The data reported that flu victims under chiropractic care had an estimated .25 percent death rate, a lot less than the normal rate of 5 percent among flu victims who did not receive chiropractic care.” –Psychology Today

Source: https://allamericanhealthcare.net/how-can-chiropractic-care-effect-the-immune-system/

Chiropractic Care and Your Immune System

Did you know that chiropractic care can also help alleviate stress and anxiety? Stress and anxiety both play a part in weakening one’s immune system. 

Many illnesses are even caused or worsened by stress. If a person is chronically stressed, stress hormones can affect the way the body functions over time. This increases your risk of health problems, including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • digestive issues
  • heart disease
  • sleep disorders
  • weight gain
  • problems with memory and concentration

Chiropractors can release muscle tension, one effect of chronic stress that leads to nerve irritation and creates uneven pressures on the body’s bony structures, which can cause the spinal column to become misaligned. This, in turn, helps the body return to a more balanced, relaxed state.

Chiropractic adjustments can reduce spinal nerve irritation and improve blood circulation, which can help signal the brain to turn off the “fight or flight” response and begin the healing process.

A doctor of chiropractic can suggest nutritional supplements, like B complex vitamins, to help the body cope with stress.

A chiropractor can also recommend relaxation techniques and discuss posture and environmental changes to help you recover from chronic stress.

How Can I Boost My Immune System Naturally?

Chiropractic care is a specialty where we focus on the alignment of your entire body. We simply want optimal function and we don’t settle for anything less.

Additionally, minimizing stress, getting extra sleep, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise can maximize a patient’s overall immunity to the illnesses around us. Trying something like yoga, meditation, or even reading could benefit overall health. Consuming water with a slice of lemon could also aid in building a barrier between the viruses and our fragile immunity. However, a trip to the chiropractor just might be what the doctor ordered to keep your immune system healthy and strong.

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