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I initially returned to Uni Chiro due to an injury, but I keep coming back because Dr. Kush’s chiropractic care has not only helped me manage my stress but also boosted my immune system. Chiropractic care has become an integral part of my holistic approach to supporting my mental health and overall well-being.

Meet Colin, a dedicated patient at University Chiropractic and Wellness. With a demanding job that puts his physical abilities to the test, he appreciates how our services allow him to remain pain-free and maintain peak health, enabling him to effortlessly meet the requirements of his profession.

Meet Slyia, a valued and longstanding client of University Chiropractic and Wellness. When she initially sought our services, she faced the distressing challenges of being unable to maintain an upright posture, dealing with a hip out of rotation, and a rash that covered over 75% of her body. Thanks to the dedicated care she received, Slyia has not only found relief from physical pain—she can stand straight and her hips are in place—but has also experienced significant improvements in managing her depression and anxiety.

Meet Ken, a recent addition to the University Chiropractic and Wellness family. When Ken first approached us, he was experiencing extreme difficulty in walking. However, thanks to the exceptional care and expertise provided by our dedicated team, Ken has made a remarkable recovery and regained his ability to walk effortlessly once more.

Allow us to introduce Rachel, a valued member of the University Chiropractic and Wellness community. Frustrated by the lack of relief from her SI pain, Rachel turned to our chiropractic services after consulting with several physicians. With our specialized approach and personalized care, Rachel finally found the solution she had been seeking, experiencing significant alleviation from her pain.

We are delighted to introduce Catherine, a valued client who found solace at University Chiropractic and Wellness for her persistent back and neck pain. Seeking respite from her discomfort, Catherine entrusted our expert team to address her specific needs. Through our tailored treatments and comprehensive approach, Catherine experienced noticeable improvements, finding relief from her back and neck pain. Her positive journey with us has been truly transformative.

Introducing Daisy, a remarkable individual who sought relief from debilitating back pain before discovering University Chiropractic and Wellness. After enduring prolonged discomfort and undergoing unsuccessful treatments from various chiropractors, Daisy finally found relief when she entrusted her well-being to our dedicated team. Today, Daisy’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation, as she has not only triumphed over her pain but also embraced a state of optimal health through our effective maintenance care. We are honored to have played a pivotal role in Daisy’s journey toward a pain-free and fulfilling life.

I have been a patient of Doctor Kiser’s at University Chiropractic for several years now, and I can confidently say that my experience has been nothing short of incredible. I had been suffering from excruciating pain under my head for quite some time, but thanks to the skilled hands and extensive knowledge of Doctor Kaiser, that pain has almost disappeared. The healing techniques used during my chiropractic sessions have worked wonders for me. I have experienced a significant reduction in my discomfort, and it’s been truly remarkable. This positive outcome has motivated me to continue my chiropractic treatments at University Chiropractic. The staff there is awesome, and the doctors are incredibly competent. If you’re considering seeking chiropractic care at the university, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. You will not only do very well but also be thoroughly pleased with the level of care provided. The doctors at University Chiropractic truly have the ability to heal you. However, it’s important to note that your active participation is crucial for successful results. Chiropractic care is a collaborative process, and you have to do your part. Follow the advice, instructions, and exercises given to you by the doctors, and be consistent with your appointments and recommended lifestyle changes. By actively engaging in your own healing journey, you can maximize the benefits of chiropractic care and experience lasting improvements in your well-being. So, take the leap and visit University Chiropractic. You won’t regret it. Your health and overall quality of life will thank you for making this decision.

I have been a loyal patient at University of Chiropractic for several years now, and I am thrilled to share my incredible experience with their exceptional chiropractic care. Suffering from chronic back pain had taken a toll on my overall quality of life, but thanks to the dedicated team at this clinic, I have found true relief and healing.

John B. met Dr. Kiser and her team at a street festival in Palo Alto about 3-4 years ago. John suffered for many years from back pain and had previous back surgery. Initially he never really thought chiropractic care could help but with the pain, he was experiencing, he thought hey what do I have to lose? Since under care John has had great relief and has also experienced reduced stress and continues to maintain his spine with weekly adjustments. If he could tell others something it would be to be open to new things because they can help!

Marilyn was referred to us by her son who goes to another Max living office. When she came in she could barely walk and there were days she had to leave lying down in the car.  But she pushed through and was consistent with her 3x a week. In just 18 visits look where she is it’s been 1 week with no walker!

Chiropractic miracles

Back Pain

“When I came to the University of Chiropractic I was experiencing  some debilitating back cramping and pain associated with my Athletic Training. Dr Kiser and her team were able to quickly assess the problem and implement an adjustment program that got me back on the road quickly. Just a few weeks later I was able to successfully complete Race Across America in 11 days, 21 hours and 17 minutes. Fewer than 300 cyclists have completed the race. 

There is no question Dr. Kiser was instrumental in helping me to achieve this life goal. Thank you Dr. Kiser.”

~ John

Pain, Depression and Anxiety

“I started chiropractic care because of rashy skin, joint pain, colitis, arthritis, depression and anxiety and I did not want to go back to taking more pills. I needed help to heal. Before University of Chiropractic my prognosis was sad and scary. I took a bunch of different med’s that created more symptoms. I got off my pain meds, cleaned up my diet and lost 20 lbs. 

I am less anxious and my depression is better along with I have better posture now. This experience has helped my ability to deal with PTSD and ADHD. My yoga practice is improving and I can walk further. I am so grateful Dr. Kiser and her staff helped me.”

~ Sylvia

Crohn’s disease, Arthritis And Fatigue

“I missed work on average 3-4 days per month because of my health issues and it was unknown if I was able to follow through with my plans and jobs. My conditions left me always uncertain how I would feel the next day. Before chiropractic I had tried medical doctors which ended in invasive tests and prescriptions drugs with side effects that increased each new level of medication prescribed. 

I first started care at University Chiropractic because to help with chronic health, crohn’s disease, arthritis and fatigue.  After beginning my chiropractic care I have more energy, I am sleeping better (more comfortable sleep) and I Improved my health. I have a spring in my step with much more energy. Now I am able to get out of bed and I have less uncertainty about how I will feel the next day.”

~ Steven

Knee Pain

“My knee feels so good; I have chiropractic care and I have NO ACHES anymore! 

I feel like I’m the Tin Man: Oil has been poured on my joints. And now I am pain free! My whole body seems to float. True happiness. Thank you University of Chiropractic team!”

~ Susan

Overall Health

We’ve been patients at this chiro for 5 years and feel it has contributed the most to our family’s consistent good health. Dr Kaiser is always so nice and informative. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Thanks so much, UC!

~ Sarah

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