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Join Dr. Patricia Kiser for her highly acclaimed Wednesday Wellness Series. From how to train your brain to adopt healthy habits to simple ways to live a toxin free life, you’ll leave each session better informed and deeply inspired to design your life for optimum health.

Mindset Mastery

Positive Mindset in Palo Alto

Your thoughts, mood and emotional state are your number one tool for improving your health and well-being. In this session, you will learn how to harness the power of your mind to transform your health and ultimately, your life. You will leave with a clear understanding of the effects of stress on the body and learn simple ways to counteract the negative impact of stress. You’ll also discover a powerful process for “training your brain” for optimal health and ideal body function.

Nervous System Nirvana

Nervous System in Palo Alto

Your nervous system is the “brain center” of your body, impacting all elements of your health and well-being. In this session you will discover what you can do to optimize your overall wellness by understanding how your natural “Fight or Flight” response impacts your hormones, creates inflammation, and produces chronic pain in your body. You’ll also discover what you can do to avoid the negative impact of blocked nerve flow that creates pain and discomfort.

Nutrition That Heals

Nutrition in Palo Alto

Nutrition is a slippery slope these days with mixed messages and conflicting theories on how to eat to live a healthy, disease-free life. In this session, Dr Kiser will share the fundamentals of using food to fuel and nourish your body for overall health and well-being. From how to assess products by reading labels, to a “Tried and True” supplement list, you will leave understanding how to use food and the right supplements to optimize your health.

Fitness Your Way

Fitness in Palo Alto

Whether it’s strength and flexibility training, high intensity cardio, or interval training, Dr. Kiser will share her approach to designing a doable and fun 30-minute exercise session you love. Whether you are looking to boost your fat-burning metabolism to lose weight, want to build strength or simply want to slow the aging process, Dr. Kiser’s approach to fitness will inspire you to design an exercise routine that keeps you feeling fit, happy, and energized.

Detox Your Life

Detox in Palo Alto

Research shows that hidden toxins in our environment and the products we use are sabotaging our journey toward overall health and wellbeing. In this session, Dr. Kiser will educate you on how to detoxify your life, liver, colon, and kidneys by making informed choices about the products you use and the environment you create. From how to assess the quality of your water and personal care products, to what you can do to rid your body of toxins, this is a session you will not want to miss.

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